Well, damn.

Sadly YouTube deleted all our vids (I'm going to miss all those comments telling us how wrong our subs were). So until we find a new home for them, they'll only be available for download.

But it's worth it!! :DDDD

Actually, if you search, you'll find some on like crunchyroll and veoh; not uploaded by us but whatever.

Anyway, thanks for watching. We hope you enjoy our stuff. We've been floating around ideas for new vids so we'll see what happens.


It's been a while since we've updated, but not much going on really. Rii here, and I was thinkin since our vids have been on YouTube for some time now, why not post a playlist. I keep one for Riila Prods in my YT account so I thought I'd share.

This way, if you're ever bored you can come here, pick a vid, and laugh your ass off. LOL Is is bad to say about our own vids? Should I be humble? Hell, I think they're funny so I'm gonna say so. :D

Since I'm talking about YT, I must say it's quite hilarious when people don't read the descriptions. We've received some really funny comments (which we fondly lol over) ranging from outrage because our "translations" are horribly wrong to "don't fun of them." While I have many favorites, this one is pretty great: "are u sure that they said all thoses f words?" XDDDD

Okay, enough of my yapping.

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Okay, so technically the official Riila Productions anniversary isn't until March 30th, but we couldn't wait to release the video any longer. SO HERE WE ARE. Not only have we been around for a year, but this is our 10TH vid and we're quite excited about it. This time we bring you:

Love and Sacrifice... Soccer

Starring: Yokoyama Yu, Ohkura Tadayoshi, Nishikido Ryo
Run Time: 11:41
File Size: 81.5MB
Description: Kemarishi nipped, tucked, and turned inside out. Kasuga and Nanami are having some issues. How will they ever work them out?



For some subbage with actual translations(!), take a trip on over to Kansaiboys Fansubs! :D


LOL I'm such an announcement whore. They are pointless but I love making them. ♥

Anyway, Rii here with a Riila Productions update!

Ilaila and I are currently working on our 10th crackvid! YAY! We spent a lot of time today getting it together and we think it's going to be really good. XDDD

Our goal is to finish it by March 30th, which happens to be Riila Prods' 1 year anniversary. JEEZUS, it's been a year and we're still doing these things. We love it though, so there aren't any plans to stop any time soon (no matter how many times crazy pumpkins tell us our subs are wrong).

Tegoshi Da Pimp Kara No Tegami

Good evening! As promised we bring you some crack to start off the new year! :D

Tegoshi Da Pimp Kara No Tegami

Starring: Masuda Takahisa and Tegoshi Yuya
Run Time: 2:07
File Size: 14.4MB
Description: Tegoshi and Massu open up their hearts to each other with two very touching letters. Awww... ♥
A follow-up of sorts to Tegoshi Da Pimp.




Okay, it's not THAT big, but I (rii) like making announcements. XD

So, after some discussion, ilaila and I have decided on our next (and 9TH!) crackvid project. YAY!
It won't be anything huge like our last one, but good things come in small packages too. Just like (insert favorite JE boy's name here)'s peen.

We're keeping it a secret because suprises rule. :D

BUT here's some hints:
1. It involves 2 people who may or may not be part of the same group

So helpful, I know.

Anyhoo, "work" will commence sometime next week, so it'll be fresh, 2007 crack.
Nothing like starting the new year with some insanity, right? RIGHT.

Alrighty, see ya then. ^_^
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